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How To Get Rid of Criticism and Get Prosperity

Series Name: 
Stepping Into The Consciousness
Dennis Adams
Stepping Into The Consciousness CD Cover
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Stepping Into The Consciousness
Vol.2 No.1 - How To Get Rid of Criticism and Get Prosperity

Dennis Adams Seminars proudly presents a dynamic four volume series designed to bring into play the advancement of our consciousness by learning about and activating our higher selves.

This series is unique due to the fact that each master was recorded between 7,000 and 12,000 ft high atop Mt. Shasta, so the insights used from a high, clear mountain view are very powerful.

Each CD covers different subject material which can inspire our Being to grow. By using simple everyday tools and techniques we can lift our consciousness and dwell in the presence of God.

The content of these CDs basically take the things we say and do continuously and allows these things to serve us simply by understanding how they work and transform your everyday life into a relaxing and fun experience.

Excerpt: "Love the negative, because the negative will change to the positive. Now this positive/negative thing people talk about, it's kind of unique because there is no positive, there is no negative. It's just strictly polarity. When you step into your Divinity, when you step into your Godness, you will discover that there is only perfection, not a right and not a wrong, but a perfection and this plus and this minus actually had to happen in order to complete the harmony between the plus atomic structure and the minus atomic structure. And then you will get to see how it influences your body of feeling. Does it feel good or does it not feel good?"